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Top 10 Best Magnetic Knife Holders

Top 10 Best Magnetic Knife Holders


The Magnetic Knife Holder or Magnetic Knife Bar or Magnetic Knife Strips or Magnetic Knife Rack Strips might have many different names but only one purpose. To hold your knife save in place wherever you mount it.

Quality knives can last as long as a lifetime if cared for properly. Storing knives is an essential part of caring for them. If you store them loosely in a drawer they will get dull blades in no time. Instead, store them in a Knife Block or on a quality Magnetic...

A Guide To Knives

A Guide To Knives

Dice, Chop, Slice

A Guide to Knives

The array of kitchen knives available is pretty awesome. From light paring knives to heavy cleavers, it is easier than ever for today’s wielder to learn the cutting edge techniques, and become better cooks.

The structure of the...

How To Use Chef Knives

How To Use Chef Knives

How to Use Chef Knives: The Beginner’s Way


If you’re planning to begin your career as a chef, how to select the right knife, proper handling of kitchen knives and maintaining them all are crucial to sustain in this field. Proper knife skills will enhance your general experience and boost your confidence level. In this article, we’ve jotted down detailed instructions about the aforesaid aspects.


1. How to Choose the Right Knife

A. Anatomy of Knives

A chef’s knife may consist of variations...