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Leather Wallet Facts




Men's and women's wallets and accessories come in a variety of leather styles to cater to all types of men and women, as well as the amount of money they choose to spend on a wallet. Our leather wallets, leather card cases, leather change purses, leather biker wallets, and many other wallet accessories are made of the following types of leather


Wallets made of cowhide leather



Leather is a sturdy and versatile material made from animal rawhide and skins that has been tanned. Cattle hide is the most popular raw material.

Cowhide is the most commonly used skin in the manufacture of leather goods. This is most likely due to the ease with which it can be cared for, especially when given a protective finish or waterproofing. Cowhide is also the thickest leather, with thicknesses ranging from 1 to 12 ounces.

Wallets made of genuine leather



Split grain or bonded leather is commonly used in genuine leather wallets. The lower level of the dermis (skin) that has been sheared off the top grain is known as split leather. To mimic top grain leather, a finish is added to the top surface. Bonded leather is made up of small pieces of leather that are "bonded" together to form a single piece. The outermost and innermost layers of hide are usually separated by manufacturers. Because of its affordability, genuine leather is the most common type of leather found in wallets. Genuine Leather Wallets Examples Buxton Wallets is a well-known leather wallet brand. Our Easy Squeeze Coin Purse is a common genuine leather coin purse.


Wallets made of top-grain leather


Top grain leather wallets are made from the hide's outermost layer, which has been processed or sanded to hide serious flaws. Since the outer layer of the hide is the most durable, top grain leathers are more durable than split grain leathers. Top grain leathers may be made to look like exotic skins like alligator or ostrich during the manufacturing process. Top grain nappa cowhide leather wallets are made from the upper part of the hide split from the dermis which products the highest quality and most supple leather goods. Napa is the smooth finish of the leather giving it, it’s soft rich texture. Shop top grain leather card cases and wallets. View  top grain leather key cases.


Wallets made of full grain leather


The outermost layer of the hide is used to make a full grain leather pocket. Complete grain leathers, unlike top grain leathers, are not sanded or processed, allowing the natural markings to shine through. Full grain leathers are preferred in general because they combine strength, durability, and appearance.


Leather Wallets from Napa


Napa leather wallets are made of full grain leather that is soft and supple. Napa leather, which is typically dyed, has a refined and elegant appearance and is widely used in higher-end women's and men's leather wallets. Wallets made of napa leather are available for purchase.


Leather Wallets with Exotic Skin


Any skin that isn't cowhide is available, and there is a large selection to choose from. Alligator, ostrich, snake, lizard, and eel skins are among the most common exotic skins. Wallets made of eel skin are available for purchase.




Suede is a form of leather finish in which the top surface is “brushed” to produce a nap rather than the usual smooth finish. This      results in leather that is supple and smooth. Suede is traditionally made from the skin of a pig or a lamb.

Man-Made Leather Wallets


Other than a natural animal hide, man-made leather wallet accessories are made from man-made materials. Man-made leather is made up of a mixture of plastic, rubber, and/or synthetic components bound to a cloth backing.

Additional Information on Leather

The scent of leather wallet accessories and wallets is something that both men and women love. The tanning oils and chemicals used in the tanning process give them their fragrance. The Egyptians, who have the first known methods of tanning, hides, date back 5,000 years to the tanning of leather.

The majority of leather coin purses, leather key wallets, leather chain wallets, leather card cases, and men's leather wallets are manufactured in the United States of America. The hides are stored in salt before they enter tanning factories around the world, which are mostly located in China and Korea.

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