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Types of Leather Used in Making Wallets & Accessories

There are different types of leather available for men's wallets and women's wallets and accessories that appeal to different types of men and women and how much they want to spend on a wallet. The major types of leather found in our leather wallets, leather card cases, leather change purses, leather biker wallets, and many other wallet accessories are:

Genuine Leather Wallets

Genuine leather wallets are typically a split grain or bonded material. Split Leather is the lower level of the dermis (skin) that has been sheared off the top grain. A finish is applied to the top surface to imitate that of the top grain leather. Bonded leather is made of bits or scraps of leather which are then "bonded" together into a single piece of leather. Manufacturers typically split hide into the outer most and inner most layers. Genuine leather is the most popular form of leather you will find in wallets because of its affordability. 

Top Grain Leather Wallets

Top grain leather wallets are made of the outer most layer of the hide, processed or sanded to hide serious imperfections in the leather. Top grain leathers are stronger than split grain leathers because this outer layer of the hide is the most durable. Top grain leathers may be formed in the manufacturing process to look like exotic skins such as alligator or ostrich. Top grain nappa cowhide leather wallets are made from the upper part of the hide split from the dermis which products the highest quality and most supple leather goods. Napa is the smooth finish of the leather giving it, it’s soft rich texture.

Full Grain Leather Wallets

A full grain leather wallet is made of the outer most layer of the hide. Unlike top grain leathers, full grain leathers are not sanded or processed; rather, the beauty of the natural markings are left untouched. In general, full grain leathers are preferable because they offer a combination of strength, durability and appearance.

Napa Leather Wallets

Napa leather wallets are soft and supple full grain leather. Typically dyed, Napa leather offers a refined and sophisticated look, is commonly found in higher quality women’s and men’s leather wallets.

Exotic Skin Leather Wallets

Any skin other than cowhide and there is a wide list from which to choose. Some of the most popular types of exotic skins are alligator, ostrich, snake, lizard, and eel. 


Suede is a finish applied to leather, where the top surface is “Brushed” to create a nap instead of a smooth finish commonly used on leather. This creates leather that is soft and supple. Suede is usually made from Pig or Lamb skin.

Man-Made Leather Wallets

Man-made leather wallet accessories are created from man-made products other than a natural animal hide. Man made leather is made from a combination of Plastic, Rubber and/or Synthetic components that have been bonded to a fabric backing.

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